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Deadline for Helping Kids See the Trail Blazers Is Here

Blazer’s Edge sends 2000+ children in need to see the Blazers play every year. Please help us finish that job by donating a ticket.

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Portland Trail Blazers Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Friends of Blazer’s Edge, the deadline for donating tickets to Blazer’s Edge Night—the event where we send 2000+ underprivileged kids from the Portland metro area to see the Trail Blazers play at the Moda Center—is Friday. We’ve done well, closing in on 1700 tickets donated so far, but 300 remain unclaimed. Unless we come through between now and Friday, that’ll leave 300 kids behind on February 27th when the Blazers face the Sacramento Kings.

We’ve had a couple of participants step up with stories about their Blazer’s Edge Night experience. You can read this Fanpost from Beau & Darrow about what it means as a teacher to take students to see the Blazers play. You can also read this older one about the heartwarming, almost surreal, experience of being able to donate tickets from LetItBe503. Every year we get thank you cards from kids and their chaperones, describing what it’s like to be able to walk into that arena, see Damian Lillard take the floor, and cheer with abandon among 20,000 people who, at least for one night, are just like you. It’s about that bonding, the community experience that brings us all together. It’s about sharing hope with, and making an impression on, the next generation of Blazers fans. It’s not about you or fact for a few hours those words don’t even exist. In that arena, on that night, there’s only us.

I can’t think of any joy that the price of a ticket or two could bring that’s comparable to the joy our young participants and the adults in their lives get when we tell them that yes, they can actually go to see the Trail Blazers play. Please help us finish out the list this year by donating those last 300 tickets.

Here’s how.

Head through this link to the Trail Blazers site and click on “Donate Tickets”.

Use the promo code BLAZERSEDGE on the purchase page.

Tickets are automatically donated when you follow this process. You can also call our ticket rep, Alec Botts, at 503-963-3926 if you need assistance.

REMINDER: If you buy a pair of these socks, a ticket gets donated automatically!

No matter what else happens, this will remain the best thing we ever do at this site. Thank you.

—Dave / @davedeckard / @blazersedge /