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Blazers Bad Boy CJ McCollum Has the NBA’s Biggest Fine this Season

Even months after the fact, McCollum’s fine sticks out.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Oklahoma City Thunder Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t let the façade of Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum fool you: He’s one of the biggest bad boys in the league. Even though he’s responsible for opening a Boys and Girls Club and launching a high school journalism program, the real McCollum showed on Oct. 11 when he left the bench as Blazers rookie Caleb Swanigan and Alex Len got into a scuffle. All joking aside, the guard only took a handful of steps towards the scene, and was quickly turned around by Blazers trainer Geoff Clark, never making contact—or even coming that close—to any of the players involved.

A subsequent one-game suspension came for McCollum, meaning he’d miss out on 1/145th of his current salary, which stands at $23,962,573. Shea Serrano of The Ringer details incidents and their fines this season, concluding McCollum’s run-in didn’t live up to the fine:

McCollum, who never even made it to the scrum and definitely did not look like he was heading out there to bash anyone’s head in, was eventually fined $169,259 by the NBA. It’s the biggest fine that’s been handed out this season, and also it’s more than twice as much as [Bobby] Portis was fined for punching [Nikola] Mirotic’s bones into pieces. McCollum for sure did not get his money’s worth.

*Note: the actual fine was $165,259, not $169,259.

Of course, there is a bit of discrepancy between McCollum’s $20+ million salary and Portis’ $1,516,320. So the Bulls forward missing eight games (resulting in a total fine of $83,656) still doesn’t come close to the Blazer guard’s fine.

Other incidents Serrano mentions: Dwight Howard (fined $35,000 for making an “obscene gesture”), Patrick Patterson (fined $10,000 for criticizing referees on Twitter) and Marc Gasol (fined 15,000 for dropping the F-word on TV).

A similar fine money-wise for McCollum is the one Serge Ibaka received for his one-game suspension ($138,357) at the end of December, per Spotrac. The Raptors forward is making $20,061,729 this year.

You can read more of Serrano’s piece, here.