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What’s the Greatest Star Trek Series, Captain, and Moment?

September 8th is Star Trek Day. Join in the fun!

Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival Special Awards Presentation Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

September 8th is officially Star Trek Day, as George Takei, a.k.a. Mr Sulu, informs us:

Now before you go complaining that this topic has no ties to the Portland Trail Blazers, the subject of this website, consider this:

  • Trail Blazers owner Paul Allen also founded the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame, headquartered in Seattle. His business and sports interests merge at the headquarters of Vulcan Inc.
  • Our own Eric Griffith and TeamMom co-authored a Star Trek-Trail Blazers crossover post last summer.
  • Star Trek is one of the nearly-universal commonalities (and hotly-debated topics) behind the scenes among Blazer’s Edge staff. If you want to get juices flowing but you can’t think of a controversial basketball topic, just throw a Trek question into the arena. It’s like we’re all aliens from the Andromeda Galaxy experiencing our first sensations.

Given this, it seems appropriate to let you, dear Blazer’s Edge Readers, into the fray this year. Feel free to discuss any Trek-ness you like here. Super bonus if you can tie in the Blazers at all, metaphorically or otherwise. At minimum, share your opinion on the following. You can bet the staff will be watching.

  1. What’s the best Star Trek series?
  2. Who’s the best Captain?
  3. Who’s the best/greatest other character or appearance?
  4. What storylines do you remember most?
  5. What’s the greatest single moment in the history of the series, any incarnation, TV or movies?

Have fun!