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Carmelo Anthony Trade Talks Heat Up, Knicks Still Cold Towards Blazers

The Blazers reportedly want in on a Carmelo deal but don’t have the leverage.

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Carmelo Anthony trade rumors remain red hot today as the New York Knicks approach training camp and a potentially awkward reunion with their disgruntled forward. Topping the day’s news: the Cleveland Cavaliers and Oklahoma City Thunder have entered the trade talk circus. The Houston Rockets and Portland Trail Blazers continue to be mentioned as well.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN updates from Anthony’s end:

TNT analyst David Aldridge, publishing on, gives an expanded look at the Knicks side:

The Knicks are believed to want a package back for Anthony that includes younger players on shorter deals and/or future Draft picks.

Aldridge reports that Oklahoma City center Enes Kanter would be at the center of any deal with the Thunder.

Enes Kanter, the 25-year-old center who has established himself as one of the better scoring big men in the league, something New York would need in return if Anthony were traded. Kanter averaged 14.3 points in just more than 21 minutes per game in OKC last season.

Equally important, Kanter is on a short deal, which pays him $17.8 million this season, with a player option for 2018-19 at $18.6 million. New York is not interested in a deal in which it takes back significant money in the 2019-20 season. That season, the Knicks could have significant salary cap room, depending on what happens with Anthony.

Aldridge claims that the Knicks have no interest in Rockets forward Ryan Anderson or Cleveland forward Kevin Love. Though it’s not clear whether he’s referencing history or current talks, Aldridge adds this about the Blazers:

Portland has also tried to engage New York about Anthony, with its guard tandem of All-Star Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum openly recruiting him. But the Knicks have not been interested in the Blazers’ offers, which have included young vets like Maurice Harkless and Evan Turner. Portland has not included its up and coming center Jusuf Nurkic in any offers to the Knicks.

The Carmelo situation remains fluid. You can trace yesterday’s evolving developments in this article. We’ll keep you updated as reports develop.


Adrian Wojnarowski reports that talks between the Knicks and Thunder are reaching the critical stage.


Deal is completed.