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Zach Randolph Strikes Deal For Community Service In Marijuana Possession Case

According to TMZ, the Kings forward plead no contest to misdemeanor resisting arrest, and possession charges were dropped.

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The marijuana possession charges against former Portland Trail Blazers forward Zach Randolph have been dropped, according to TMZ. Randolph was arrested at a Los Angeles street party in early August, allegedly in possession of two pounds of marijuana, which, in California, is enough to trigger escalation to “intent to sell.” Earlier this month, the charges were reduced to “misdemeanor possession of more than one ounce of marijuana and misdemeanor resisting arrest.” Had both of those charges stuck, Randolph could have faced up to one year of jail time.

But now, we've learned Randolph struck a deal with prosecutors to plead no contest to misdemeanor resisting arrest ... and in exchange, the pot charge was tossed completely.

Randolph was sentenced to 150 hours of community service as part of a diversion program, which means if he completes the hours and keeps his nose clean for 12 months, the resisting arrest conviction will be wiped from his record.

One more thing ... Randolph was specifically told he may not associate himself with or be around drug dealers as part of the terms of the deal.

Randolph enters the first year of a two-year, $24-million contract with the Sacramento Kings this season. He will return to municipal court in December for a progress report.