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What’s Your Favorite Portland Trail Blazers Souvenir?

Many of us have mementos from team history proudly displayed (or collecting dust in a closet). Share your favorites with other Blazers fans!

Today on Blazer’s Edge we’re taking a look at everyone’s favorite team memorabilia. Readers - add pictures of your most treasured Portland Trail Blazers gear in the comments!

Brian Freeman: One of the coolest Blazer items I have is this clock from the 99-00 season. A friend from down in Cali found it in his garage. He had no idea where it came from but he gave it over to me about 6 years ago. It still looks like new, works, and represents one of the best Blazer teams we’ve ever had. It’s been on my wall ever since.

Another one of my favorite items I have came from one of my friends that works in construction. He was replacing some old pipes that was wrapped in newspaper. Just by happen stance, the newspaper was the sports section from the Oregonian on June 18, 1986. For those of you unfamiliar with that date, that was the day after the Blazers drafted Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan. He saved it and gave it to me last year as a gift. Somehow the newspaper is still in incredible shape and is a great read.

Miles Custis: One of my favorite personal pieces of Blazers memorabilia is an illustration from The Oregonian in the early 1990’s. It shows the starting five—Clyde Drexler, Jerome Kersey, Terry Porter, Buck Williams, and Kevin Duckworth—of the team I fell in love with as a child. I remember loving it when I saw it in the paper (although I can’t remember exactly which season it is from). I cut it out, pasted it on some red and black craft paper, and laminated it (with my mom’s help, I’m sure). It’s still in reasonably good condition today.

I inherited another one of my favorite pieces of Blazers gear from my late father-in-law. I wasn’t alive to see the 1976-77 season, but this mug takes a special place on my desk because it represents the Blazer’s lone championship and because of who it is from.

Kody Tarbell: "My favorite piece of memorabilia is an article I saved from 2009. During the Playoff games between the Blazers and Rockets, my dad got tickets for game 5 in the series. They were a courtside tickets to the game and I was stoked. We went to the game and had a blast. The next morning, I find out that the fan they had cheering with the hat and red jersey on the front page of the paper was me! We framed it and later got it signed by Bill Schonley."

Eric Griffith: I’ve been collecting pocket schedules for a couple years and almost have a complete set. They’re a fun window into the past, including TV schedule, ticket prices, and old advertising partners.

I’ve also hung on to this silly, pre-inflatable thundersticks noisemaking device from the first playoff game I ever attended. It is disturbingly loud — I must have blocked out the ear pain caused by listening to 20,000 of them simultaneously.