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The Most Memorable Blazer Killers in NBA History

Which NBA players saved their best for Portland?

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Atlanta Hawks Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Unless you’re a hardcore NBA fan, the name Anthony Morrow probably doesn’t ring a bell for you. The journeyman shooting guard has played nine years in the league, most as a reserve on nondescript teams. But if you’re a Portland Trail Blazers fan, Morrow’s name may ring a bell for you. In the early 2010’s, when the Blazers were on the rise, Morrow would show up once or twice a season to needle the Blazers in the side, draining three-pointer after three-pointer, looking like a reincarnation of young Ray Allen. Morrow’s scoring average against the Blazers exceeded his season scoring average in 7 of his 9 season, making him a candidate for the dreaded “Blazer Killer” moniker.

This afternoon we want to ask you about your most memorable Blazer Killers...guys who elicited a special groan when you saw them suit up in an opponent uniform. The floor is open for obvious ones who left Portland with major heartburn in high-stakes situation. We’ll also delight in hearing about obscure players like Morrow, whom nobody else would notice or remember but bear a special spot in Blazers history.

Who are the most memorable Blazer Killers in your lifetime? Discuss below.