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DJ OG One “50 Percent Back” Says He Will Return Next Season

Nick Krupke of KPTV reports that Trail Blazers’ in-house DJ, David Jackson, will return for the upcoming season.

DJ O.G. One - GoFundMe

David Jackson, known in the Moda Center as DJ OG One, will return for his 10th NBA season as the Portland Trail Blazers’ in-house DJ, according to a report from Nick Krupke of KPTV. Since March, Jackson has been recovering from surgical complications that initially left him sightless and without feeling in his right arm. He now considers himself “50 percent back,” says Krupke, and has returned to the turntables.

Follow this link to read more about Jackson’s story, and this link to visit the GoFundMe page, where many have shown their support in helping with his medical expenses.