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Filling an Allen Crabbe-Sized Hole on the Trail Blazers’ Roster

The Blazer’s Edge podcast breaks down the on-court ramifications of the Allen Crabbe trade.

Milwaukee Bucks v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Dan and Tara talk about how the Trail Blazers might fill the gap created by trading away Allen Crabbe to the Brooklyn Nets:

  • What did Allen Crabbe do for the Trail Blazers?
  • What can be made up for with the current roster?
  • Will Jake Layman and Pat Connaughton to get more minutes?
  • A case for Gerald Henderson (who unfortunately may now miss the 2017-18 season, reported the morning after this podcast was recorded) and case for Jason Terry.
  • How weird is the free agency situation this year and a divergence about J.J. Reddick’s off season?
  • Another case for Gerald Henderson
  • Ran out of time to talk about Bill Simmons’ trade suggestion

The direct .mp3 link of this week’s podcast is here. Or you can simply play it via YouTube:

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