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Fantasy GM: Build Your All-Time Trail Blazers’ Starting Five Using $15

What starting five would you construct using only Trail Blazers legends?

What's the best Trail Blazers lineup you can make with a $15 salary cap?

I'm sure you've seen games like this on twitter and other social media outlets. Here, we have created the official Blazer's Edge version.

For those of you that do not know how to play, the rules are simple:

  • You must pick one player from each position column (sorry, you can't have Clyde Drexler and Brandon Roy).
  • You cannot spend more than $15, but you may spend less if you like.
  • Try to create the best five man team. Not necessarily the most talented players.
  • This should go without saying, but you are selecting the player in their Blazer prime. To clarify, you are not spending five dollars to have the current, 55-year-old Drexler on your team. Nor are you spending $1 to get the Scottie Pippen that played with the Bulls. Only their Blazer primes matter.
  • We've adjusted slightly for era. Kiki VanDeWeghe may not be a more talented player than Nic Batum, especially in today’s NBA, but his Blazer career was quite a bit better. Feel free to adjust to era as you see fit. This will cause some confusion, but that’s the fun.

Here are the prices:

Photos taken by Getty Images

Here are our picks:

Brian: Terry Porter, CJ McCollum, Scottie Pippen, LaMarcus Aldridge, Bill Walton

Steve: Terry Porter, Brandon Roy, Scottie Pippen, Buck Williams, Arvydas Sabonis

*Another interesting idea is to make the worst team you can, while spending all 15 dollars

Share and discuss your own teams in the comments below.