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Which Trail Blazer Would You Most Want to Have a Cold Beverage With?

If you could sit down with a Portland player and ask anything you wanted, whom would you choose and why?

Kiki Vandeweghe rests

Meeting NBA players in person is one of the pinnacle moments of fandom. Whether it’s an accidental encounter or a promotional gathering, few people forget their brushes with professional athletes. But what if you could have more? Let’s say you could have a drink with any one of the Portland Trail Blazers, past or present? Who would it be? Bill Walton? Oh sorry, did you want to get a word in edgewise? How about Terry Porter? Rasheed Wallace? C.J. McCollum? What would you talk about? Would you ask Clyde about the Dream Team? Damian Lillard about music?

It depends on what day you ask me, but if you want to know who I’d like to share a pitcher and some hot wings with tonight, I’d have to choose Kiki VanDeWeghe. First, I’d want to know what is was like growing up with a dad in the NBA and mom who was Miss America. Then I would ask him what is the NBA front office going to do about all those cheap 3 point fouls that James Harden drew last year?

Let’s hear which Trail Blazer you would most want to have a drink with and what you would talk about. Leave your answers below!