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Allen Crabbe Waived his Trade Kicker. How Did that Affect the Nets and Blazers?

Blazer’s Edge editor Eric Griffith and podcast guru Team Mom get together and dig into the finer details of the Allen Crabbe trade.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Houston Rockets Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Just when we thought it was safe to turn off the Twitter notifications, the Trail Blazers made a move. Tara Biggs and Eric Griffith dig into the specifics of the Allen Crabbe and Andrew Nicholson trade between the Trail Blazers and the Brooklyn Nets, discuss what they’ll remember most about Cool Breeze, come up with an algebra quiz question and guess what the future holds for Portland.

We ask:

  • What were the terms of the trade
  • How does the stretch provision work? (Note: The Blazers have not officially waived and stretched Nicholson, contrary to Adrian Wojnarowski’s initial report on Twitter.)
  • Why would Crabbe waive the trade kicker?
  • What is a Traded Player Exception (TPE) and how can that be used?
  • Why did the Blazers wait until late July to make a trade?
  • What avenues does this trade open up for additional moves this off season?

Hear all this and more on a special Allen Crabbe Trade edition of the Blazer’s Edge podcast!

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