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[Video] Foul Limit Mishap Sidelined Caleb Swanigan as Blazers Beat Bulls

Swanigan was benched for stretches in the second half, not knowing that the foul limit had been reduced from 10 to six.

David MacKay - Blazer’s Edge

The Portland Trail Blazers advanced past the Chicago Bulls in the Las Vegas Summer League tournament on Wednesday, despite some confusion about the foul limit that forced Caleb Swanigan to sit for stretches in the second half. In the preliminary games, each player is allotted 10 personal fouls, but that number is reduced to the standard six when the tournament begins. Trail Blazers Summer League head coach Jim Moran smiled as he took responsibility for the little snafu.

“That was on me. I was told three times that—I knew the rule and I, you know, the buzzer goes off and, as a coach, you got this play you want to run and this and this, so I completely forgot to reiterate that to our guys. (Swanigan) kind of looked at me with this crooked face, but he did a great job with four fouls, staying in the game, so I’ll take the hit on that one. That one’s on me, but it was pretty funny seeing his face. He was like ‘It’s Summer League; you can foul out.’ I said ‘Yeah, it’s six this round.’”

Swanigan took the mix-up with good humor. His late-game restriction allowed center Jarnell Stokes (16 points, 17 rebounds) to shine and help carry the team to victory. When the two shared the floor, Portland pulled ahead.

Caleb Swanigan On Portland's First-Round Summer League Win

‎Posted by Blazer's Edge on‎ חמישי 13 יולי 2017

“The foul thing I didn’t know until I had four fouls. No one announced it before the game or anything like that, so that was kind of, uh—that’s not bad, but I just wasn’t aware of it. But that’s the only thing that was different.”

There should be no confusion on Thursday night, when the Trail Blazers play the No. 1 seed Toronto Raptors.