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Gameday Thread: Blazers vs. Spurs (Summer League)

Summer League’s “regular season” concludes with Blazers vs. Spurs, at 1:00 pm on NBA TV. Hang out with us!

blazers jake layman dunk
The Blazers’ Jake Layman yells during a dunk against the Utah Jazz in 2017 Las Vegas Summer League.
David MacKay - Blazer’s Edge

Welcome to Summer League! The annual tradition where the Blazers underperform, and we form snap judgments and overreactions. But we have fun the whole time, and it’s forgotten by fall. Today, the Blazers face off against the Spurs. Here is a primer, and here is your viewing guide.

Portland Trail Blazers vs. San Antonio Spurs

Tip-off: Around 1:00 pm
Watch: NBA TV

News Editor David MacKay is reporting from Las Vegas all week, and writers Steve Dewald and Brian Freeman are on site to bring their unique perspectives to the event. After today’s game, our Managing Editor Dave Deckard will post a short recap as well.