The Lowe Podcast - A Little Bit Of PG13 News

On the Lowe Podcast, he had Brian Windhorst and Ramona Shelburne on, and most of the talk was about the Finals, and the futures of Cleveland and Golden State. Basically, Warriors will be unstoppable because Durant will leave some money on the table, so they can re-sign everyone, and they won't feel the salary crunch until Thompson and Green come up for new contracts, and they will most likely need to choose between one of them.

As far as for Cleveland, Windhorst kept bringing up that Lebron will be a free agent next summer which will keep the Cav's feet to the fire (implying that he would leave again, if they don't improve), and he kept mentioning that he doesn't think Gilbert will sign his GM to a new contract. They think the Cavs best bet to beat the Warriors would be to trade Kevin Love for a wing player, so they can throw different wing players at the Warriors' perimeter players, but unless it was for someone like Paul George, it would be a lateral move. Also, they didn't think it likely that a Kevin Love for George swap would happen because of George's ability to opt out next year, but if George was sure that Lebron would stay in Cleveland, and made it known he would opt in for his final year, then maybe something could happen.

But that wasn't the real George news (just more of spit-balling about what Cleveland could do to compete with the Warriors). The real news was that all three of them had heard that the Pacers haven't entertained any trade scenarios for Paul George which a lot of people assumed because of Bird leaving, but they were hearing that the Pacers are more inclined to try to bring in some more pieces to help out George. They were a little surprised by it, but Shelburne brought up how George is everything to the Pacers, right now, and he could still get DPE, if he makes an All-NBA team next year, but Lowe and Windhorst both think that is too risky, and they should have traded him at the deadline.

I think, this being floated out there, right now, is so the Pacers won't seem like they are desperate to trade George, and they are willing to take the risk of him walking for nothing next summer. Basically, it's them letting teams know, if you come calling about George, then don't offer us just any crap but high quality crap. I suspect, as we get a week out or less from the draft, we may start seeing George trade rumors pop up.

There was one tidbit about the Blazers thrown out there by Windhorst, during one of the times he was talking about the GM situation in Cleveland, that when Gilbert didn't renew Danny Ferry's contract in 2010 that Portland immediately offered him their GM job, but he turned it down.