Chris Boucher and Jonah Bolden (and other late 2nd-round/undrafted) sleepers

As an NBA draft and Blazer's fanatic one name I have noticed that has not come up on our draft radar is Chris Boucher. Boucher is the University of Oregon big man who went down with an ACL injury this year but was playing very well before the injury. Boucher is 6'9/6'10 with a 7'4 wingspan. He averaged 12 ppg, 7.5 rpg, 2.9 Blks, and 0.8 stls last year in about 25 mpg and was averaging very similar numbers this season before going down with the injury. He is extremely long and has a knack for rotating well on defense and blocking shots from the weakside. He fits the NBA athletic stretch 4 pretty well as he can step out and hit from the outside (35% on 3 attempts per game). He also shoots over 52% from the field overall. I know ACL injuries can be a question mark but this young man showed a lot of development in his two years at U of O. He is 24 years old already (which some may see as a downside) as he has a fascinating basketball story from St. Lucia to prep schools, to JCs to Wyoming to Oregon. If we end up cutting Quarterman and Connaughton and then sending a few of our picks to either move up or dump salary what would you all say to buying a second round pick and taking a stab at Boucher?

Jonah Bolden is another interesting player in a similar mold. Bolden is Australian born and came to the states to play at Findlay Prep. He ended up at UCLA for a year where his season was a mixed bag. He ended up averaging 5 ppg, 5 rbs, and 1 blk, in limited minutes 15-20 mpg. He then left UCLA to play professional in Serbia. Bolden is 6'10, 227lbs, with a 7'4 wingspan and is only 21 years old. In Serbia he was playing 27 mpg and averaging 13 ppg, 7.2 rpg, 1 stl, 1 blk, while shooting 51% from 2's and 42 % from 3's (1.8/4.2 attempts). Scouts have said Bolden has taken big strides in developing his game overseas, especially his shooting touch. He seems to run the floor well and has decent handles for a player his size. From the clips I have seen he seems to move his feet pretty well on D too. Granted he is playing in Serbia and not the NBA, NCAA, Spain, etc. but he seems to a very impressive prospect at the ripe age of 21.

What do you guys say any interest in these two?

I'd love to hear who your deep/late sleepers in this draft are!