What Are Your Ideal Picks At #15, #20, and #26?,

Hello y'all.

I'm just interested as to what everyone's ideal picks would be if we were to stay where we currently are in the draft. Who do you like at each spot, and why?

I'll try to keep it simple in explaining my own:

#15: Donovan Mitchell, Justin Patton, OG Anouby

Mitchell is by far my preference here. In my opinion, he has a higher floor than any other prospect here as well as a good ceiling. At the very least, will probably be able to provide elite defense as the perfect complimentary piece to Dame and CJ.

Patton is all about the upside in the front court. His fit alongside Nurkic is iffy, but the sky is the limit for him as a player. He could flourish into one of the better rounded big men in the game, capable of scoring 20+ and blocking 2+ a night. In my opinion, though, he could wind up being complete garbage as well. Risky.

When it comes to Anouby, everything is all about defense. He hasn't shown anything that leads me to believe that he'll be a notable contributor on offense, but I believe he'll surely be a lockdown defender capable of guarding the 1-4. That's something that we don't have right now. Aminu is definitely good, but not lockdown. But if we can get our MKG at #15? Sure, let's do it.

#20: Luke Kennard, TJ Leaf, Ike.

Kennard has the capability of being Crabbe w/ slightly less efficiency from deep but better ball handling and distributing. This pick is dependent on us trading Crabbe. If we don't, then we don't need Kennard. If we do, Kennard is the perfect Crabbe replacement, minus the lackluster hair. Would clock in at like $14 million a year cheaper, too.

TJ Leaf is all about his ability to stretch the floor out, obviously. I see this as a good idea if we draft Anouby at 15. While I'd love to come out of this draft w/ three defensive studs, I also really want help at PF. Leaf offers a sure skill at the position, which is important w/ the current state of the 4 on this team.

Ike is all about having another big, formidable bruiser down low. He would hopefully be able to fill the anchor role that Nurkic stepped into this year while Nurkic is on the bench. Ultimately he could evolve into an agile (relative to his size), athletic defender that makes scoring around the rim difficult. Will likely be very limited to start his career, however.

#26: DJ Wilson, Bam, Jordan Bell, a whole slew of others

Wilson is admittedly one of my draft crushes this year. I don't know if he'll ever turn into a competent NBA player, but I believe his ceiling is sky high. Can drain it from deep as well as any big man not Masnec Markkanen or Leaf, and has serious shot blocking potential. More agile and athletic than many SF's. Sometimes he looks like me that one time that I lost my dad in the grocery store at five years old, though. It's possible that the lightbulb never comes on.

Bam, to myself, is T-rob is T-rob was a couple inches bigger and had better athletic tools and a sense of how to use them. Wouldn't make for a bad bench big at all. For obvious reasons, though, also probably not starter material.

Jordan Bell is nothing but energy and entertainment on the court, two things that we could use on those team. Oh, and he's pretty good at that defense thing, too. In all seriousness though, as an avid UO fan I've seen what appears to be a very good work ethic and an exceptional basketball IQ. Plays within his limited means, but maximizes the skills that he does possess.

A good draft to me would be something like Mitchell, Leaf, and Wilson or an Anouby, Kennard, Bam/Wilson draft.

Now I admittedly know very little about Semi for whatever reason. Haven't put the time into researching him yet. I know that's a cardinal sin around here and that he appears to be a favorite of many for the 20 & 26 spots. Could anyone fill me in on his play style, strong points, and short comings?

And for the most part im hoping for some sort of pick consolidation to #6 or #8, while bringing in a 2nd. Isaac is the obvious target at either spot if available. And if we can shed Crabbe/Turner/Leonard as a part of either deal, that's just a bonus.