Three way trade Blazers, Knicks and Nets

HI guys the way I look at this trade is that everyone gets something they want and have to give little away except the blazers "Hehe".

Here is mine dont know if it works.

Blazers Nets and Knicks

Blazers Get Melo Lee DP #22 Blazers Give Knicks Turner, Harkless Ezeile DP# 20 Nets get Crabbe, Quinn, Leonard DP#26

So to recap:

The Blazers Lose: Crabbe Turner Harkless Leonard, Ezliele and #20 #26. Blazers receive: Melo, Lee and pic 22. How does this work out for the Blazers. Well for one Blazers end up dumping payroll by getting rid of 55 mill in salary and taking back 31 million We get a older, former, still great star at the 4 at 24 million for 1 to 2 years. Hed be a massive massive upgrade at the 4 he helps us out weather he stays or goes in his second year.

I think a Melo Nurk Aminu front court looks solid. Throw Dame, CJ, Aminu, Melo and Nurkic as a starting 5 it would be one of the best in the league. In the second unit is where you run into some problems. CJ ,Lee Pcon and Napier are your guard rotation which is ok at best Vonleh Layman, Davis round out the front court not that great could be worse.. Thats 11 men + 2 draft pics +MLE too start the season in October. I think I would be fairly happy with that team

5) Nurk, Davis #Pic

4) Melo, Vonleh,


3) Aminu, Layman

2) CJ, Lee, Pcon

1) Lillard, Napair

Knicks lose Melo, Lee and Quinn. Knicks receive Harkless, Turner, Ezelie and the 20th pic. Knicks get younger at the 2 and the 3 get longer at the 2 and the 3 get better defense at the 2 and the 3. Most of all Knicks dump Melo for a pic and two solid players while not taking on any salary

Nets lose Pic #22 Nets receive Crabbe, Leonard and Quinn and the 26th pic.

The nets take a step back in the draft to get upgrades at both guard and center with Crabbe and Quinn.

Everyone gets 2 pic in the draft, new players and only the nets take on salary which they can handle.