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Damian Lillard’s Jersey Ranks Among NBA’s Best Sellers

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Trail Blazers star guard, Damian Lillard, had his jersey crack the NBA’s top-20 for sales last season.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Atlanta Hawks Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Damian Lillard’s brand remains strong, as his Trail Blazers’ jersey ranked No. 14 in sales last season. Despite playing in one of the NBA’s smaller markets, the Portland-based point guard is one of the more marketable players in today’s game.

Although Lillard missed making the Western Conference All-Star squad for the second consecutive season, he backed up his off-court branding by putting up career-highs on the court. He recorded his best points per game average of his five-year career, while also shooting a career-best 44.4 percent from the field.

Along with his jersey sales, Lillard has built a strong off-the-court persona with his commercial appearances, musical talent, and Adidas branding. Even with that impressive resume, apparel sales seem to be driven by success on the court. Four of the top five players on the list competed in the NBA Finals last season, while the other claimed the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award.