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NBA Free Agent Rumors: Mo Williams Returning to the NBA?

Ongoing NBA rumors feature Andre Iguodala, Ricky Rubio, Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, and of course Paul George.

Portland Trail Blazers v Denver Nuggets

Let’s update the latest rumors around 2017 NBA Free Agency. The official start of Free Agency is at 9:00 pm, June 30th, Pacific Time, when the “Moratorium” begins. At that point, teams can talk to free agents, but no official agreements can be made. The rumors are expected to ramp up as we get closer to that date, and fireworks often fly as soon as the Moratorium begins.

Latest Rumors

Mo Williams, back in the NBA? Maybe.

Another Kings lottery pick has crashed and burned.

Gordon Hayward plans to quickly meet with teams during the moratorium, and make his decision.

Older Rumors

Phil Jackson’s time in New York is going swimmingly, as always.

Can Houston land Chris Paul? If James Harden has anything to say about it, yes.

As the NBA’s cap space tightened, ESPN’s Chris Haynes reports that many teams are interested in trying to steal Andre Iguodala from the Warriors.

Speaking of the Utah Jazz, they are also interested in Minnesota’s Ricky Rubio.

Also, there are murmurs that LeBron James is really not excited to join the Clippers in the future.

John Wall wants to convince Paul George to come to Washington, and make a run in the East.

The Cavaliers, Pacers and Nuggets engaged in talks that would send Paul George to Cleveland, and Kevin Love to Denver. The talks have reportedly stalled.

The Nuggets aren’t just looking at Kevin Love. They are also eyeing two major free agents, Blake Griffin and Paul Millsap.

As they rebuild their team around Jimmy Butler and Karl-Anthony Towns, Minnesota is ready to move on from Ricky Rubio. They did not move him at the trade deadline, but are still looking to do so. They also have been clearing cap space to prepare for a free agency run at unknown targets.

The Brooklyn Nets are reportedly interested in the Clippers’ JJ Redick, and they hope their ties to him will help seal the deal. Though there are murmurs of interest from the Sixers, too.