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Ford: Blazers Likely to Keep Picks, Might Take Giles in 2017 NBA Draft

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ESPN’s draft guru suggests that trades are getting less likely in Portland.

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament Final-Notre Dame vs Duke Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN’s Chad Ford has published his latest mock-up of the 2017 NBA Draft and things are getting interesting for the Portland Trail Blazers.

15th Selection

In Ford’s estimation, Duke forward Harry Giles is a potential target with the 15th pick. Standing 6’11 with wingspan for days, Giles is a tantalizing prospect. Ford explains that injuries may allow him to drop to mid-round status:

No one can pinpoint exactly where Giles’ reward outweighs the very real medical risks he poses. But a number of NBA GMs have told me their medical staffs are comfortable with his knees and aren’t red-flagging him...

No. 15 seems like the right spot to swing for the fences, especially when the Blazers have two other picks.

20th Selection

Ford posits UCLA forward TJ Leaf for the Blazers at #20, a 6’10 forward who can shoot from mid-range and outside. But that’s not the most interesting quote regarding this selection:

It’s sounding more as if the Blazers will keep all three of their picks. Owner Paul Allen does love draft picks.

26th Selection

At 26, Ford projects the Blazers drafting Texas center Jarrett Allen, a mobile 19-year-old who stands 6’11. Ford admits that he probably has Allen going too low but calls the aggregate of Allen, Leaf, and Giles a “very nice haul of prospects”.