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Report: Spurs “Looking to Move LaMarcus Aldridge”

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Aldridge’s days in San Antonio may be numbered, as multiple reports indicate that the Spurs want to trade him.

John Gambadoro of Arizona Sports reports that the San Antonio Spurs offered power forward LaMarcus Aldridge for a top-5 pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. Aldridge, 31, is a five-time NBA All-Star and is just two seasons into his four-year contract with the Spurs.

In the basketball world, Gambadoro primarily reports Phoenix Suns news. The Suns possess the No. 4 overall pick in the draft and actively recruited Aldridge during his 2015 free agency—considered, at one point, to be at the top of Aldridge’s list of preferred teams. It appears likely that the Spurs and Suns have talked.

Sam Amico of Amico Hoops suggests that the Spurs have not stopped there, potentially looking to move anywhere in the top-10.

Aldridge has not performed as well as many had hoped in San Antonio, recently disappearing from the 2017 Conference Finals after teammate Kawhi Leonard was sidelined with an ankle injury, despite being the team’s second scoring option.