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Trail Blazers Pre-Draft Interviews: Jackson, Rabb, Bell, Hartenstein (Video)

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Blazers work out Jackson, Rabb, Bell, Hartenstein, and more on last day of pre-draft workouts.

Justin Jackson, Ivan Rabb, Jordan Bell, Isaiah Hartenstein, Erik Thomas, and Wesley Iwundu rounded out the final day of Portland Trail Blazers pre-draft workouts. Jackson, Rabb, Bell, and Hartenstein were available to be interviewed as drills concluded, and we have each conversation for you, in full, right here.

Jackson (00:00) | Key Quote

Do you feel like teams treat you like you’re old because you’re 22?

(Laughs) I haven’t gotten that feel. Obviously, I know I’m 22, I know I stayed three years, I know this is a super young draft class, and so I know some teams value guys that have been through different situations more than others, but for me, I just try to go out there and play as well as I can and whatever these guys want, they’ll make the big decisions.

Rabb (04:34) | Key Quote

You haven’t been able to do any sort of on-court work during this workout process, or...?

Um, I got hurt about two weeks ago, so I’ve been ut pretty much since then. I did a few workouts, but it’s been mostly shooting. I haven’t really got a chance to play in a while.

What happened?

I sprained my ankle in my Indiana Pacers workout, so, ever since then, I just been kind of trying to rehab and get back.

Bell (6:58) | Key Quote

A lot of people don’t like defending. Why do you like it?

It’s just fun to me. Kind of a challenge—I like taking a challenge—and I think football, playing a defensive end, I was always more of being trying to stop the ball. I get more of a thrill out of blocking a shot than making a shot.

Hartenstein (15:20) | Key Quote

What specific parts of your skillset do you think the Blazers were most interested in evaluating today?

Just seeing how versatile I am. Just seeing I can do a lot of different things also on the defensive end and just shooting. I think that’s one of the main things coming in that everyone shows is shooting. I mean, I didn’t shoot the ball as well as I could, but just try to show them that I’m a good shooter. This was not such a good shooting day for me. They year before, I was pretty good at, like, 43 percent from three, so I think last year was kind of like a down year from three. I just wanted to kind of come in and show I can shoot.

The Trail Blazers possess pick nos. 15, 20, and 26 in Thursday’s NBA Draft. Could one of these prospects be on their wishlist?