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Exploring Draft Deals Between the Nets and Blazers

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HoopsHabit advances a couple interesting deals for Portland and Brooklyn on draft day.

Miami Heat v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

With the 2017 NBA Draft rapidly approaching, Michael Walton of HoopsHabit came up with a couple draft day trades between the Portland Trail Blazers and Brooklyn Nets that he believes could help both teams.

Portland holds three first-round picks in potentially deep draft and the perceived desire to shed salary to keep clear of the luxury tax. The Nets have cap space to spare and need young talent. Walton does the math and finds room for talk.

Trade 1: Meyers Leonard and the 15th Pick for Sean Kilpatrick

Walton’s Takes:

Sean Kilpatrick is a scorer who has averaged 19 points per 36 minutes for his career. At 6’4″ and 210 pounds, he is almost identical in size to Portland’s C.J. McCollum. He can easily function as the first or second guard off the bench for the Trail Blazers.


In Brooklyn, Leonard would have the freedom to develop at his own pace. The Nets are thin in the frontcourt after Brook Lopez and Trevor Booker. They rely on the athleticism of young combo-forward Rondae Hollis-Jefferson at the 4-spot.

Leonard would give the Nets more length, and his shooting would pair well with Lopez’s offensive arsenal.

A Further Look:

Kilpatrick is entering his fourth year in the league, and averaged 13.1 points and 4.0 rebounds in 70 games for the Nets last season. He also shot just 34 percent from three last year, and ranked 89th of 99 shooting guards in Defensive Real Plus-Minus last season.

The issue with the deal is that it would leave the Blazers with an extremely crowded back court and Kilpatrick is a minus defender at best. Kilpatrick will make $1.6 million next season.

Trade 2: Evan Turner Plus the 20th and 26th Picks for Trevor Booker

Walton’s Takes:

Trevor Booker would perform reasonably well as the Trail Blazers’ starting or backup power forward. His tenacity on the glass could be a big factor for Portland with so much shooting giving him ample opportunities on the offensive glass.


Evan Turner is a playmaker who, at 6’7″, presents a unique challenge for defenses. He is a good midrange shooter and a solid pick-and-roll ball-handler...

Brooklyn head coach Kenny Atkinson would be able throw out big lineups featuring Turner, Lopez, and Leonard where Turner could actually run the point.

A Further Look:

This trade would greatly increase Portland’s rebounding potential. Booker averaged 10.0 points and 8.0 rebounds last season, his first with the Nets. He is entering his eighth season. However, the Blazers would give up two picks to save just seven million per season, as Booker signed a 2-year $18 million deal with the Nets last July.

What do you think? Do either of these trades look good for the Blazers, or should the team just walk away?