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Zach Randolph Wears Trail Blazers Hat to Club

Randolph was seen wearing a Portland Trail Blazers hat outside of Warwick in Hollywood.

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Portland Trail Blazers Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

When access stems from ambush, there is only one chance to produce a compelling interview, so if the subject does not respond to inane questions shouted from behind people that are physically trying to blunt your harassment, you find ways not to waste the footage you have. Anyway, TMZ presents a hot new video about Zach Randolph’s hat. Fair warning, if you follow that link, you’re getting paparazzi photos of a topless woman in the sidebar, so maybe don’t click it at work.

Randolph can be seen climbing into a vehicle while sporting a Portland Trail Blazers hat. Here is a transcript of the video:

Paparazzi: Z-Bo, sir, what did you think about Draymond Green saying that Kelly Olynyk’s a dirty player?

Randolph: ...

Paparazzi: Shaq is running for sheriff; would you vote for him? Yeah? How do you think Shaq will do as the sheriff?

Randolph: ...

Paparazzi: Could he do the commercials as well as be sheriff, you think?

Randolph: ...

Paparazzi: Hey, is that the new Trail Blazers logo on your hat, bro?

(it’s not)

Randolph: ...

Paparazzi: Hey, what do you think about that new logo, bro?

Randolph: ...


So here we are in the middle of May questioning why Randolph would wear that hat. Could it be that he played for the Trail Blazers for six seasons and thought it looked good with his outfit? Sure. But that is less interesting than him showing early signals of his free agency interests. After all, there is a long, documented history of NBA players wearing the gear of the team they plan to sign with, right?

Randolph, 35, played eight seasons with the Grizzlies, averaging 14.1 points and 8.2 rebounds off the bench in 2016-17. He is an unrestricted free agent this summer, and Miami and Denver are thought to be possible destinations for him, but one big question remains; whose socks was he wearing?

What do you think Randolph’s fashion choice means? Comment below.