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Portland Trail Blazers’ Worst Draft Mistakes

Brad Stevenson of Fadeaway World makes his picks for the five worst draft decisions in Trail Blazers history.

Miami Heat v Phoenix Suns

Nothing shapes the future of an NBA team like the NBA Draft, and few teams are as historically snake-bitten as the Portland Trail Blazers.

Brad Stevenson of Fadeaway World took his shot at guessing the five worst draft mistakes in Blazers history.

His selections for number one and number three are not surprising (Sam Bowie and Greg Oden, respectively), but his pick at number two is often forgotten.

He argues that LaRue Martin in the 1972 draft, selected first overall, is a more devastating misstep than the selection of Greg Oden.

“The Trail Blazers sat on and watched helplessly as 2nd overall pick Bob McAdoo and 12th overall pick Julius Erving enjoyed themselves Hall of Fame careers. More often than not, you usually get a franchise player out of a number 1 overall pick, and unfortunately for the Trail Blazers, they passed up on two all-time greats for a player who had no impact at all for his franchise.”

His list does omit some recent mistakes that may have had a greater impact, such as Nolan Smith in 2011 (over Jimmy Butler or Isaiah Thomas), or the ill-fated 2005 trade-down that landed the Blazers Martell Webster at the cost of Chris Paul, Deron Williams, or Danny Granger. The 1989 trade that sent away Sam Bowie for Buck Williams also sent a first-round pick, which could have netted Mookie Blaylock, Tim Hardaway, or Shawn Kemp.

What are your picks for the worst draft mistakes in Blazers history?