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ESPN Fires Marc Stein, Abbott Departure Rumored

High level NBA writers and editors become part of the mass departure from ESPN.

ESPN The Party - Inside Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for ESPN

Update (6:20 pm): ESPN NBA Draft Insider Chad Ford also announced that this will be his last draft with them.

NBA Twitter was on fire once again today as long-time NBA Reporter Marc Stein announced that he has been laid off by ESPN.

Stein’s departure comes on the heels of multiple terminations at ESPN, many of which were announced yesterday. The network may not be done yet. Though he has not explicitly confirmed, multiple accredited NBA media members have bid farewell to Henry Abbott, founder of the pioneer basketball website and lately’s lead basketball editor.

Amid the flurry, Abbott did make this comment:

TrueHoop emerged in the early 2000’s as a premier site for basketball coverage and discussion, courtesy of Abbott’s engaging style and every-man sensibilities. The site was absorbed by ESPN in 2007.

Stein began work at in 2000 after covering the NBA for multiple newspapers. He became senior writer in 2002, a position he had filled until today.