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Should Blazer Fans Be Excited About The 2017 Draft Picks?

The Blazers have three first-round picks in the 2017 NBA Draft. But is that a good thing? You tell us!

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After a rough game last night, we’re going to change up the normal routine today. We’re posing a question to the Blazer’s Edge community.

With a few “coin flips”, the NBA etched the Portland Trail Blazers’ draft picks into their final positions: 15, 20, 26. Three chances to find a game-changer. Three chances to find a rotation player. Three chances to help entice another team (perhaps in a package) to trade the Missing Piece to the Rose City.

However, as the draft reaches the awkward teenage period, the percentages start to work against you. You’ll hear “sure fire” about a number 3 pick. You rarely hear that about number 15. Even less about 20 or 26. And of course, with a huge roster salary already on the books, there are cost concerns.

Nonetheless, each position can strike gold. The 15th position has produced some household names. Giannis Antetokounmpo. Kawhi Leonard. Larry Sanders. In Portland, Robin Lopez is pretty well-known. But you could also find Austin Daye, Cedric Simmons or Bostjan Nachbar.

We’ll have plenty of time to discuss these picks, and the many opportunities they might represent, after the playoffs end. But during a day off for the Blazers, we toss the question out to you:

What’s your excitement level for the 15, 20, and 26th picks?

Do believe they’ll be difference-makers?

Will these picks be more valuable as players or as assets?

Give your thoughts below!