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Allen Crabbe in Walking Boot, Expects To Play in Playoffs

“Before we got the MRI, sometimes (the pain) used to be like a 7-8 waking up in the morning.”

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Sacramento Kings Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Portland Trail Blazers guard Allen Crabbe was sidelined with a sore left foot following his 25-point explosion against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Thursday and has missed two games since. On Tuesday morning, he showed up to the Trail Blazers practice facility in a walking boot. His team’s first round matchup with the Golden State Warriors just days away, Crabbe is still experiencing pain, but is improving and expects to play in the series.

“When I’m in the boot, I’m good, but walking around it hurts sometimes in the mornings,” Crabbe told Blazer’s Edge. “I’d probably say it’s like—well, I’ll say before we got the MRI, sometimes it used to be like a 7-8 waking up in the morning. Now that we’ve been able to get treatment on it and get me in the boot to take some pressure off the foot, it is significantly getting better each and every day. I’ll be alright. Like I said, I’m going to fight through it. It’s the playoffs. I don’t want to miss that, so we’re going to do whatever it takes.”

Since the NBA All-Star Break, Crabbe has averaged 11.4 points per game, shooting a blistering 47.1 percent from three and 49.0 percent overall. Moving forward, his health will be crucial to the Trail Blazers’ post-season performance.