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Trail Blazers Express Their Gratitude for Westbrook’s Heroics

Portland’s players congratulated Russell Westbrook after his epic buzzer-beater eliminated Denver from the postseason.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Denver Nuggets Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Trail Blazers will finish out their final two games of the regular season with their playoff fate already decided. Thanks to Russell Westbrook’s amazing 3-point shot in the final moments against the Nuggets on Sunday; the Thunder eliminated one divisional foe from the postseason, while punching the ticket for another.

Portland’s players rushed to social media after the game to congratulate Westbrook on his heroic effort against Denver.

The Blazers have now qualified for the playoffs in four consecutive years, and will face the Warriors in the first round of the postseason. With the eighth seed guaranteed, Portland can use the remainder of this week to get ready for Golden State.