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Trail Blazers Center Jusuf Nurkic Gets His Own Song

You cannot miss this. Just...speechless. Watch.

Normally we like to preface news stories with explanation and context, but this one writes itself. Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you “Bosnian Beast from the Wild, Wild East”, a musical treat from the Facebook page of Dubioza kolektiv. Yes, it’s about Trail Blazers center Jusuf Nurkić. Yes, you have to watch it. In fact we defy you not to watch it 44 times. Priceless.

Nurk Fever

Bosnian Beast from the Wild Wild East #NurkFever #BosnianBeast

Nai-post ni Dubioza kolektiv noong Huwebes, Marso 30, 2017

Hat tip to @SgtPeteSimpson on Twitter for the find. Here’s the band’s Twitter account.