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Gameday Thread: Houston Rockets at Portland Trail Blazers

The Blazers and Rockets tip off on TNT at 7:30 p.m. tonight. Hang out and chat with us!

NBA: Houston Rockets at Portland Trail Blazers Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Big game tonight. Fresh off a big win over the Nuggets, the Blazers take on the Rockets on national TV. Portland needs to rack up wins to maintain their slim lead for the West’s 8th playoff seed.

Injuries: Ed Davis and Festus Ezeli are done for the year. For the Rockets, James Harden is questionable, and Ryan Anderson and Montrezl Harrell are out.

Since Texas is country music territory, let’s pull out a “song” I’d been looking for an excuse to post. It’s no secret that pop songs copy each other regularly, and that country music has increasingly taken on pop sensibilities. However, that led to the inevitable result: country songs simply started to use the same tune, and make minor adjustments. Here is the now-legendary six-song mashup from 2014, successfully taking six near-identical country hits and combining them into one megamix. It’s actually surprisingly fun to experience. There’s a reason one of the most popular sentiments was, “Can I get this on MP3?”. Even CinemaSins stopped by to express their admiration for the work involved.

How To Watch Houston Rockets vs. Portland Trail Blazers:

Time: 7:30 pm, Pacific Time
Online Streaming: TNT Online | Sling TV | DirecTV Now | PlayStation Vue | No League Pass!
Radio: Rip City Radio, 620 am


The Rules!

There are a few extra rules we emphasize for Gameday Threads. We appreciate your support!

1. No videos or pictures please, including embedded stuff from Twitter.

2. No discussion of streams that aren't sanctioned by the NBA, or how to work around broadcast/streaming rules.

3. No swearing please. Yep, even when the game sucks or the refs mess up.

4. Be excellent to each other! For visitors from our SBN companions, please have a mutual respect and remember this is a Blazers community.