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Clifford Robinson Recovering From ‘Minor’ Brain Hemorrhage

Former Blazers All-Star Clifford Robinson remains in the hospital, while recovering from a brain hemorrhage.

clifford robinson
Clifford Robinson of the Portland Trail Blazers shares a laugh with an NBA official.

Former Portland Trail Blazers star Clifford Robinson announced via the team today that he is currently recovering from a minor brain hemorrhage. On March 8, news broke that he was in the hospital for unknown reasons. Four days ago, a former coach said that Robinson was recovering.

The announcement came on Twitter via the Blazers’ Casey Holdahl, who also reported that Robinson is still in the hospital.

Robinson, 50, was drafted by the Blazers in 1989 and played eight seasons with the team, including Portland’s 1990 and 1992 Western Conference championship teams. He averaged 16.2 points and 5.2 rebounds over his Blazer career. He represented Portland in the 1994 NBA All-Star Game.

Robinson currently seems to be active on social media. He reacted with a “like” to our Tweet to him earlier today. If you’d like to send him well-wishes, Twitter seems to be a good option.