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Report: Cliff Robinson On The Mend

Jim Calhoun brings positive news following Cliff Robinson’s hospitalization.

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After a few days of silence, positive news has finally been uncovered regarding Cliff Robinson’s hospitalization earlier this week. Jim Calhoun, Robinson’s coach at UCONN, spoke with TMZ Sports about how the former Trail Blazers star is doing.

"He's resting and recovering," Calhoun said ... "But he had something sitting on the couch, something happened to him medically. They're working on that now. Yesterday he was on the improvement side, which is great news."

In light of the family’s request for privacy, Calhoun did not get into specifics about Robinson’s condition. However, he did comment on the sudden nature of the situation.

"Very simply, he had a situation that came out of nowhere. For a young man, very unusual."

Perhaps the most important information that Calhoun disclosed to TMZ Sports was about Robinson’s prognosis moving forward.

We asked if the prognosis was good ... he replied, "Yes, it is. But like I said, what he had was very unusual for a young guy."

Hopefully this is just the first piece of positive news surrounding Robinson’s health and recovery.

You can listen to the audio from Calhoun’s interview by visiting TMZ Sports.