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Isaac Ropp on Olshey, Getting Fired, Ben Golliver on NBA Media

Isaac Ropp joins the Blazer’s Edge podcast to talk about getting dismissed because of his critical comments on the Trail Blazers while Ben Golliver provides perspective.

Neil Olshey standup
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On this special edition of the Blazer’s Edge Podcast, co-host Dan Marang and I welcome a couple of guests to talk about the media environment surrounding the Portland Trail Blazers. Isaac Ropp of 1080 The Fan sits down with us to further illuminate his comments about the Blazers, Neil Olshey, and the media after he was dismissed from CSNNW’s Talkin’ Ball show. He shares his motivation for making the statement and expounds upon the role of Olshey and the organization in media circles. After that old friend Ben Golliver of stops by to offer his perspective on the Portland media versus other cities, on his time as a Portland media member, and how franchises and media outlets relate to each other.

If any episode of the podcast is un-missable, it’s this one.

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