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Dan Marang to Host Trail Blazers Outsiders for NBC Sports Northwest

Dan will be one of three hosts for NBC Sports Northwest’s new half-hour live program.

NBC Sports Northwest

NBC Sports Northwest is preparing to launch two new shows in the coming week, Trail Blazers Outsiders and Trail Blazers Raw, the first of which will feature our very own analyst and podcaster Dan Marang. He will be one of three hosts driving discussion during the 30-minute live program that you can participate in via Facebook live. For more information, check out this excerpt from the NBC Sports Regional Network press release:

Trail Blazers Outsiders begins this Wednesday, December 6 at 7 p.m. PT on NBC Sports Northwest’s Facebook page. The 30-minute live show will provide a fresh fan take on the game with insightful analysis and interactive discussion among fellow diehard Blazers fans. Viewers are encouraged to join in the live Facebook conversation on non-game weekdays at 7 p.m. PT.

Trail Blazers Outsiders will be hosted by three local fans who are passionate about the Trail Blazers and the Portland community. The hosts consist of a trio of: Joe Simons, a die-hard Blazers fan who spent his formative years in Portland and served as the radio voice of University of Idaho basketball for two seasons; Shain Brenden, a comedian, writer, and Trail Blazer fanatic who loves talking Blazer basketball, but his true aspiration is to one day become a 'celebration move' consultant for high-profile NBA players; and Dan Marang, a long-time writer and podcaster for SB Nation’s Blazers Edge.

You can show your support by watching the show, reaching out to Dan on Twitter, and of course commenting below.

Editor’s note: Congratulations, Dan. Your valuable insight does not go unnoticed and this is one of many opportunities that will open up to you as you continue your work in this field. I’m proud of you. — David