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Why Has the Trail Blazers Offense Disappeared?

Portland’s defense may be better this year but their once-vaunted offense looks mediocre.

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This week's episode of the Blazer's Edge podcast centers around a development nobody foresaw: where has the Trail Blazers offense gone? Tara and Dan discuss Portland’s scoring struggles, the 4-1 road trip, back to back home losses, CJ McCollum's slump, Meyers Leonard's return to the spotlight and more.

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  • Reviewing the 4-1 road trip
  • Damian Lillard finds his jump shot
  • Milwaukee Bucks - why are they such a problem for the Blazers?
  • Death by Rajon Rondo and Tony Allen jumpers...seriously
  • Blazers looking past the Pelicans sans Anthony Davis
  • It's gotta be the shoes right?
  • CJ McCollum, the best midrange shooter in the league?
  • Working Al-Farouq Aminu and Meyers Leonard into the lineup
  • Leonard vs Boogie - the series continues!
  • Shabazzle-Dazzle, Shabazz Napier continues to shine
  • Dame and CJ and the myth of a pure point guard
  • Damian Lillard ISO vs James Harden ISO
  • More lobs for Pat Connaughton please
  • Jusuf Nurkic "life comes out you fast"
  • When the Blazers commit, their defense is for real
  • McCollum's recent shooting slump- what is it?
  • How can the Blazers compensate when Dame or CJ struggle?
  • The Blazers can't count on opponents being the "Knicks" to win games
  • Dame's resurgence to MVP form, can he make the All-Star game?
  • Noah Vonleh taking advantage of his minutes
  • Pat Connaughton's and Shabazz Napier's emergence and brash confidence
  • Trusting the team to make the right play
  • Announcements!

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