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Blazers Ranked No. 3 “City” Jersey by USA Today’s For the Win

Steven Ruiz of USA Today’s For the Win is all-in on the plaid jerseys.

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City Jersey Front
The front of the Portland Trail Blazers' new "City" jersey.
Tanner Karp (via Twitter)

The Portland Trail Blazers’ mystery fourth “City” jersey surfaced on Tuesday when Blazer’s Edge’s David MacKay investigated a tip and found the jersey at a sporting goods retailer. Nike officially released the design the following day.

The jersey confirmed previous leaks that featured a plaid pattern, although this version’s use of plaid is more subtle.

Following the league-wide release of the “City” uniforms, Steven Ruiz of USA Today’s For the Win ranked all 30, giving Portland the No. 3 best jersey:

These could be No. 1. Every detail is perfect: The pattern inspired by the late Dr. Jack Ramsay, the pinwheel-inspired piping on the sides, the way the red pops off the black. These make me want to go read “Breaks of the Game.”

Portland’s jersey also ditches the white of the old “Rip City” alternates; it’s worth noting the Blazers have favored their black “Icon” jerseys at home over the white “Association” edition this season.

Above the Blazers in Ruiz’s rankings are the Atlanta Hawks and Charlotte Hornets, two other mainly black jerseys with each team’s own unique flavor.

In general, some designs didn’t hold back in the creative process, while others avoided rash departures from the norm. Examples include the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant-snakeskin-inspired jersey, a nod to Latin Nights with the Suns’ all-purple “Los Suns” jersey, and this noteworthy design from the Magic:

The Blazers will wear the new jerseys for the first time on Jan. 31 against the Bulls at the Moda Center. Not a fan of the Dr.Jack-inspired design? Don’t fret — it’s possible the “City” edition uniforms will be revamped every season.