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New Photos of the Portland Trail Blazers “City” Jersey

The final new Blazers jersey has not been officially revealed, but it’s on sale. We have the pics.

Portland Trail Blazers fans can finally see the last unrevealed jersey. Earlier tonight, the “City” jersey was spotted at a local Dick’s Sporting Goods, already available to the public. Here are the first public pictures of the jerseys.

The Blazers’ uniforms have been a mixed bag this season, if fan reaction is any measure. The original white and black jerseys received a lukewarm response, but reaction to the red “Statement” jerseys was decidedly mixed. These new jerseys are noticeably more subtle than the red version. They use a subtle black plaid design, likely a nod to the plaid jackets worn by legendary Blazers coach Jack Ramsay. Under his leadership, the Blazers won their only NBA Championship in 1977. They also use the familiar lower-case font for “Rip City”, similar to their previous alternate design.

The jerseys are a close match to the designs that recently leaked via video game screenshots. They have similarities to the mockups that raced across social media, but the plaid lines are horizontal, and there are no white accent lines.

Since the Blazers have not officially revealed the jerseys, their debut date is unknown.

h/t to @TannerKarp for the original tip!