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Happy Holidays Blazer’s Edge!

Holiday Greetings from your Blazer’s Edge Staff

Christmas Celebration With Virginia & James F. Comley Photo by/Gail Oskin/Getty Images for Stellar Productions

Happy Holidays to all the Blazer’s Edge community. We’re grateful to be sharing this Trail Blazers journey with you!

Unless big news breaks, we’ll be giving our staff the day off to spend with families and friends. We’ll all be back at it tomorrow. Until then, we wish you and yours all the best, and maybe some upswing for the Blazers too!

In honor of Moe Harkless’ big game against the Lakers, maybe we should talk about the most thrilling victory or comeback that we’ve seen the Blazers make. What great games stick out in your mind...the Christmas presents Blazers Santa has left in your stocking?

On behalf of our staff and crew, we hope this season finds you whole, enthused, and feeling loved. We certainly love being with you every day, gathered around the passion we all share. Enjoy the holiday!