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W.H.A.T Podcast: Puttin’ in Work Nila Madison of The Relish

How fandom creates community in ways you wouldn’t expect.

While Kendyl is out, Tara is joined by Nila Madison (recently Jusuf Nurkic’s gf on Twitter) to talk about how sports and being a fan can create community and opportunity.

Nila is a Portland Trail Blazer fan living in the Bay Area, a grad school student, a self-described Twitter troll and a contributor to The Relish, a female-centric sports platform where she was featured on the first episode of The Relish: Style Uniform. She embraces all these identities with gusto, seizes every chance to share her enthusiasm, and is a thoroughly enjoyable person.

Stream podcast here.

1:30 What made you a sports fan?

4:15 Being a fan of an underdog

5:15 2017 a Year of Sports Firsts

8:41 Covering the Championship Parade in Oakland for The Relish

11:25 Twitter as an entry point to NBA fandom

16:17 What kind of a fan are you?

18:30 Being a woman in a male dominated space

20:00 Building a welcoming space for women as sports fans no matter what they are interested in

23:00 What “elevating the voice of women” means for this podcast

27:00 Putting in the work to make a name for yourself in the fan community.

30:00 The story behind the Jusuf Nurkic GF Twitter handle

33:00 Exclusive story behind the Twitter name change

35:00 Rapid fire questions

40:40 Women in sports to admire this week (among others)

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Music used in the episode: "Happy Alley" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License