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All the Trail Blazers Want for Christmas is a Do-Over

Portland’s wish list is short, but profound.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

SBNation’s NBA Affiliates are engaging in a Christmas Season project today, asking what each NBA franchise would like for a Christmas gift, with no restrictions. Their only requests were, “Make it about the Trail Blazers and don’t think small.” After pondering health for players, extra forwards, and more consistency, we’ve settled on the perfect gift. More than any franchise in the NBA, the Blazers need a Do-Over.

More specifically, Portland needs a gift card for a do-over, allowing them to select at what point they’d like to redeem it. Perhaps they’d zip back to the start of this season, when they were primed for a hot start by virtue of multiple home games against mediocre opponents, but somehow still ended up around .500. Maybe they’d go back to the disastrous Summer of 2016 when they inked a raft of players to expensive deals, making their salary-to-victory ratio an eyesore. Maybe they’d rewind past July, 2015 when LaMarcus Aldridge famously jilted them for the San Antonio Spurs, instead trading him for value when such a deal was still possible. If the card were large enough, they could even return to the 2007 NBA Draft, bypassing Greg Oden for Kevin Durant.

A world of possibilities lie open to the Trail Blazers with this stocking stuffer. Clearly Santa Claus can manipulate time and space, traversing the world with millions of gifts in just one night, completely unseen. Might he bestow some of that magic on his favorite franchise? (He, too, suits up in red, white, and black, after all.) If he did, what would you do with the gift?

But hey, we’re not the only ones with ideas. What would you put under Portland’s tree if you had the chance?