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NBA Trade Machine Rules Explained

The Blazer’s Edge Podcast gives guidelines for trade suggestions, explores Terry Stotts’ rotations, and looks at the myth of the “bad win”.

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NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Charlotte Hornets Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

On this week's episode of the Blazer's Edge podcast Tara and Dan try to figure out what a good win really is and if there’s a such thing as a “bad win”. From a 4-1 road trip to a 5 game losing streak and the chance to go on another 4-1 road trip. The ups, downs and everything in between of this Blazers season has finally managed to render Dan speechless... at least for a moment.

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  • Attempting to break down the Charlotte Hornets game
  • Reacting to Coach Stotts' rotation changes
  • What do you think of Evan Turner being in the starting rotation
  • Using Turner's strengths alongside CJ McCollum/Damian Lillard
  • How good has Aminu been for the Blazers
  • What makes a a good 3 and D player
  • Has Aminu reached that level where he brings it on both sides
  • Can the Blazers continue to play with fire and not get burned in the long run
  • Initial thoughts on Zach Collins in the starting lineup
  • How confident has he looked to you
  • Why is Collins getting the nod over other guys
  • We still don't know what this team's identity is
  • Trade season is open what should fans keep in mind
  • Golden Rules for the trade machine and real life trades
  • Which Blazers are most likely to be available/traded this year
  • Franchise goals and how they dictate player movement
  • What could the Blazers expect in return trades
  • If the Blazers are on a path right now, which way do they go
  • Is Stotts on the hot seat
  • Why firing a coach happens before a rebuild/retool

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