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Trail Blazers “City” Uniform to Honor Dr. Jack?

Conrad Burry creates mockups of new jersey editions from details he has learned.

San Antonio Spurs v Dallas Mavericks - Game Four Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Conrad Burry of has created mockups of the new NBA “City” Edition uniforms using information he has gathered on each uniform’s details. Not all designs are entirely accurate, but the concepts are reportedly known. According to Burry, the Trail Blazers’ “City” edition jersey will be plaid, a fitting tribute to 1977 championship team head coach Jack Ramsay.

Conrad Burry,

Via details I have learned, and descriptions of many of the City Edition uniforms, I was able to create rough mockups of the to-be-released uniforms. This post will focus on the first eleven of these teams, there will be subsequent posts with more mockups to come.

Portland Trail Blazers – uniform colour and pattern, detail colors & wordmark correct (though colouring of wordmark and # may be different), but collar / arm design & side design unknown

It was Burry who identified the Trail Blazers’ new logo leak back in May, as well as the team’s “Statement” jerseys in September. Check out Burry’s other mockups, which include 10 other NBA teams, in the full article, here.

What do you think, Portland fans?