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What Will it Cost the Blazers to Re-Sign Jusuf Nurkic?

Ben Golliver from joins the Blazer’s Edge Podcast to talk about re-signing Portland’s biggest free agent.

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NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Phoenix Suns Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In this edition of the Blazer’s Edge Podcast, Ben Golliver from and drops by and gives us the deep dive on everything Jusuf Nurkic after sitting with the Bosnian Beast. From hate mail and trade grades serving as great motivating tools for story writing, to why Jusuf Nurkic is like an actual bull, Ben breaks down the almost superhero-esque origin story of Portland’s center. He gives parallels between Nurkic’s early career growth and his time in Portland as a Trail Blazer and ties it together with his projections for future development. Along the way we discuss Nurkic's relationship with Damian Lillard, his respect and admiration for Coach Terry Stotts, and what the Blazers could be looking at this summer when it comes to resigning Nurkic. That and more on this week's episode!

Direct Download the podcast here. Questions include:

What made Golliver want to do a story about Jusuf Nurkic?

What did he learn about Nurkic that you didn’t already know?

What got left left on the cutting room floor?

What does he think is the future of centers in the NBA? Is Nurkic ready for that?

If Joel Embiid is watching Hakeem Olajuwon videos, what videos should Nurkic be watching? Player Rankings (Nurk #69, CJ #39, #17 Damian)Early returns, how is he feeling about how they are panning out?

Does he still think there is that much of a gap between Dame and CJ?


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