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What is the Trail Blazers’ Most Untradeable Contract?

A particular trio has drawn ire for lack of results despite big contracts.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Chicago Bulls Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

The summer of 2016 was a spending spree for the Trail Blazers. President of Basketball Operations Neil Olshey gave out extensions to Meyers Leonard (four years, $41 million) and Maurice Harkless (four years, $40 million) and matched the Brooklyn Nets’ offer sheet to Allen Crabbe (four years, $75 million). But before all of that, he brought new blood to the team with Evan Turner (four years, $70 million). There was no way all of those contracts could stay for (at best) league-average players, so Crabbe was dealt last off-season.

Still, the Trail Blazers have almost no financial flexibility, so what could they do to gain some? A trade of course! But who—rather, whose contract—to offer up is a harder question than it seems. The Trail Blazers have a lot of “untradeable” contracts, and Frank Urbina of HoopsHype identifies Turner’s as the most untradeable on the team:

Portland Trail Blazers backup wing Evan Turner has some game. He defends well enough, takes pretty good care of the basketball and can run the offense while Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum rest.

But he can’t shoot threes and is a career 43.1 percent shooter from the floor overall.

Plus, even by today’s standards, $17.5 million is a lofty amount of money for a non-starter.

Former Trail Blazers on Urbina’s league-wide list of untradeable contracts include Jerryd Bayless of the Philadelphia 76ers, Zach Randolph of the Sacramento Kings, and Wesley Matthews of the Dallas Mavericks.

What do you think: Is Turner the most untradeable Trail Blazers contract? Would it require a first-round pick—no matter what—to deal at least one of Leonard, Harkless or Turner? Is attaching a pick worth it for a deal? And, are any of these players likely to be in Portland for the long haul? Let us know in the comments.