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Reporter Anne Peterson on Covering Famous, Infamous Trail Blazers

AP Sportswriter Anne Peterson joins the Blazer’s Edge Podcast to talk about Rasheed Wallace, Brandon Roy, and More

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Trail Blazers v Kings Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Welcome to Episode 2 of Women’s Hops And Talks (W.H.A.T.) Podcast! Today Tara and Kendyl talk with Associated Press reporter Anne Peterson whose beat has included the Portland Trail Blazers since 2002. We hear about her early days in the Bay Area, her first call to meet Arvydas Sabonis, covering soccer and volleyball at the Olympic games, and many tales of her interactions with some of the most notorious Blazers, including...

  • How to write a story about Rasheed Wallace when he wouldn’t talk to the press
  • A special bond with Sebastian Telfair
  • Her one regret about Ruben Patterson
  • Trying to keep track of Zach Randolph and Damon Stoudamire
  • Covering Brandon Roy and Greg Oden.

We had a great time talking to Anne! We hope you’ll enjoy hearing from her.

Direct link to podcast

Here are links to some of Anne’s favorite stories, plus one by Annie Killian, a fellow journalist and a woman who inspires her.

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