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CJ McCollum Called Evan Fournier “Soft Like Those Crepes You Eat” In Altercation

McCollum responded to Fournier’s hostility with words and kisses.

CJ McCollum and Orlando Magic guard Evan Fournier got in a minor altercation when their teams squared off in Portland last week, initiated by a shove in the back from Fournier, whom McCollum had just stripped of the ball. Fournier got in McCollum’s face, but was met with only pointed words and blown kisses rather than physical escalation. Joining Bill Reiter and Reid Forgrave on the CBS Sports Flagrant Two Podcast, McCollum divulged what he told Fournier:

“I just felt like he was disrespecting me by putting his hands on me. Obviously, I’m not trying to get any fines or anything of that nature and I told him he was sweet. He’s French; I said that he was ‘sweet and soft like those crepes you eat.’”

McCollum finished the game with 24 points, combining for 50 with teammate Damian Lillard in the 99-94 win. The Trail Blazers play the Magic again on December 15 in Orlando.