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Could Shortened Training Camps Lie Behind NBA Injury Woes?

The Vertical’s Chris Mannix explores Jason Kidd’s concerns over the recent outbreak of injuries in the NBA.

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Houston Rockets Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA season has barely started, but several teams are already dealing with injuries to critical players. The sudden uptick in bumps and bruises has led two NBA coaches to criticize the shortened training camps occasioned by moving the 2017-18 regular season schedule up a week. The Vertical’s Chris Mannix dove into the issue this week by speaking with Milwaukee’s Jason Kidd. According to Kidd, abbreviated training camps led to a faster pace in practice, which in turn led to an increase in injuries.

Kidd explained his displeasure to Mannix with the following statements:

“We went extremely hard because of the shortened training camp,” Kidd said. “We tried to get guys in shape. That’s one of the big things with a shortened camp. There’s a chance of not being in basketball shape, and you see a lot of injuries, a lot of guys out.”


“I’d rather have the time before the season to prep, to get guys ready, so the product can stay on the floor,” Kidd said. “Right now, you have the product sitting. I don’t know where else they can go from here — maybe having two games a week and then one week of training camp. It’s got to be reviewed. People are coming to see the product and the product is in suits. And that is unfortunate.”

Kidd wasn’t the only coach to share his opinion on the matter. Miami Heat Head Coach Eric Spoelstra voiced his concerns as well:

“People say 10 days doesn’t matter,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. “It does.”

Moving the regular season up a week by shortening the preseason does have its benefits, however, as teams will now play fewer back-to-backs in the 2017-18 season. In theory, the slower pace to this season could prevent fatigue related injuries in the second half of the year.

You can read Mannix’s full story by visiting The Vertical.