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Bulls, Suns Faced With Trade Decisions As Season Gets Underway

A fight in practice and a disgruntled starter have two teams looking down the barrel of potentially major changes.

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Chicago Bulls David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA season has just tipped off, yet the 24-hour drama fest that is this league does not stop for anyone. On this week’s episode: the Chicago Bulls and the Phoenix Suns.

A fight in practice led to Bulls forward Bobby Portis striking Nikola Mirotic in the face, leaving him out indefinitely.

This is certain to make things awkward in the locker room, and an unhappy locker room usually leads to one trade or another.

Such is the case with Mirotic, who issued an ultimatum to his team – putting the future of Portis or the injured forward in question, according to Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun Times:

Multiple sources Thursday confirmed to the Sun-Times that Mirotic’s camp gave the Bulls a ‘‘me or him’’ ultimatum, with Mirotic insisting he or Portis be gone when he is ready to return to action.

Mirotic would have to waive his no-trade clause if the Bulls elect to keep Portis, but that doesn’t seem to be an obstacle for him.

Mirotic signed an extension with the Bulls this offseason, so he’s not eligible to be moved until, at least, mid-January.

Vincent Goodwill of NBC Sports Chicago sheds more light:

Several teammates have reached out to Mirotic following his concussion and he has talked to Robin Lopez along with Hoiberg but it’s clear he has no intention of returning to the status quo whenever he does recover.

The Bulls have talked to at least one team about Portis, sources tell and that activity promises to continue over the next few days.

There may be more incentive to move Portis now so the team can move forward in their healing process with Mirotic, but time will tell.

In the Western Conference, the Suns address their starting point guard Eric Bledsoe possibly tweeting about his desire to leave, opening up trade conversations.

It seems these trade conversations have been parlayed into an opportunity to move Tyson Chandler, according to Marc Stein of the New York Times:

With youngsters like Devin Booker and Josh Jackson seen as pillars of the franchise, the 35-year-old center doesn’t exactly fit the youth movement.

He’s also one of the more proven, capable players on a pretty bad Suns team, so moving him would help them further solidify their tanking chances this season, possibly securing another young stud in the draft with a top pick.

He has two years left on his deal, making $13 million this year and $13.58 million next.

Which potential suitors do you think would make the best fit for the players in question?